By playing on our network, you automatically agree to the following rules. Not following these rules can lead to punishments; kicks, mutes, bans and ip-bans.
Rule Number 1
Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated! This includes any racism, racial slurs, sexist comments, sexual reference, or any type of speech you wouldn’t use around your mom. This is a friendly community. Keep it that way!
Rule Number 2
Leaking personal information like someone’s IP address or name or address will result in an automatic permanent ban! This is serious and will not be taken lightly.
Rule Number 3
0 tick farms are disabled and will not work on this server. Don’t even try!
Rule Number 4
You are allowed only 1 alternate account on at any time! [First warning - Alt Kicked, Second Warning - Alt Banned, Third Warning- Main account banned]
Rule Number 5
Using any kind of AFK kick bypasses (like auto-reconnect) is not allowed and will be auto punished with ban.
Rule Number 6
A staff member’s word is final. Do not argue with staff. They are staff for a reason! Staff disrespect will lead to a 10 minute mute and a permanent mute if not resolved.
Rule Number 7
Do not argue on public chat! If you have an issue with someone please message them privately. We want the chat to be a friendly place for everyone to communicate! Arguing in chat will lead to a 10 minute mute and a permanent mute if you don’t stop.
Rule Number 8
Please do not self advertise! We support all of our fellow server owners and content creators but public chat is not a place for it. Failure to do so will result in a permanent mute.
Rule Number 9
Duplicating or trying to duplicate items in any way, shape or form is against the rules! We want to keep the economy very competitive and fun for all.
Rule Number 10
Scamming is not allowed! All reports of a scam will need evidence! We want to keep this server fun and make sure nobody gets taken advantage of!
Rule Number 11
Selling in-game items for real money is against the rules! If someone offers you real money for a rare item, always decline.
Rule Number 12
We don't allow AFK'ing. Using an AFK-pool or any sort of AFK-machine is against the rules! This is to combat auto mining and mob stacking. If you are caught you will be temporarily banned for 1 day and if caught again will result in a permanent ban.
Rule Number 13
Charging back donations will result in an automatic blacklist. We will never ask you to donate! If you donate for someone and chargeback we can trace that simply, so don’t even try! You will be blacklisted from the store!
Rule Number 14
Griefing someone’s island is not allowed! If you join someone’s island and steal items or destroy the island you will be temporarily banned for 2 days. If you are griefed and lose items the staff team will take care of you!
Rule Number 15
Pretending to be cheating is against the rules. You can get banned for that, because you are wasting the time of our staff team. It isn’t funny and will be taken seriously!
Rule Number 16
Impersonation is not allowed and won't be taken lightly, if you pretend to be someone you are not, you will be blacklisted from our network.